Take a Swing at Boxing for High Intensity Interval Training in Toronto

When the temperature starts dropping, outdoor interval training in Toronto gets a whole lot more difficult. Boxing could be the answer.

Different forms of exercise have become increasingly popular in the past decade. Exercise researchers have begun to apply their scientific skills to the problem of rising overweight and obesity amongst children as well as adults. There has long been an understanding of the way food affects body weight and health; however, the understanding of exercise has sometimes lagged behind. For instance: many people do not fully understand the most effective way to work out. They will spend hours running on treadmills or lifting weights but might not be entirely sure why they are doing that.

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“Wayne’s Way, Right All Along”, says Science.

An article published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism has demonstrated that high-intensity exercise training (Wayne’s Way) is more beneficial in whole body and abdominal fat loss than low-intensity (commonly called endurance or aerobic training).

HIIT ( High Intensity Exercise Training) is currently “hot”, endorsed by exercise guru’s as the latest and best way to burn calories, especially fat. But Wayne Bourque and his kick-yer-butt mix of calisthenics and boxing has known this all along.  Read More