Take a Swing at Boxing for High Intensity Interval Training in Toronto

When the temperature starts dropping, outdoor interval training in Toronto gets a whole lot more difficult. Boxing could be the answer.

Different forms of exercise have become increasingly popular in the past decade. Exercise researchers have begun to apply their scientific skills to the problem of rising overweight and obesity amongst children as well as adults. There has long been an understanding of the way food affects body weight and health; however, the understanding of exercise has sometimes lagged behind. For instance: many people do not fully understand the most effective way to work out. They will spend hours running on treadmills or lifting weights but might not be entirely sure why they are doing that.

The issue comes down to a matter of time as well as a matter of goals. If you have a clear goal in mind for your workout and you know how much time you have, then you can more effectively tailor your exercise regimen. All of that becomes incredibly complicated when you’re living somewhere with harsh winters.

Toronto Interval Training Through the Winter

Outdoor interval training in Toronto has become popular, but it’s not always easy during the winter. If you have a limited amount of time, as many people do, you need to get as much progress in as short a time as possible. You can do that with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Traditional aerobic exercise, lower-intensity exercise during which you can still breathe freely, focuses on long, slow movements. Distance running is the prototypical aerobic exercise. Exercise physiologists will suggest that you do most of your running at a speed that allows you to exercise for as long as possible. The conventional wisdom says that you should be exercising for over thirty minutes; some say you should be running for at least 45 minutes. This is not conducive to a busy schedule, and it’s definitely not conducive to cold Canadian winters.

HIIT, on the other hand, stresses short bursts of intense effort with short periods of rest in between. This is basically a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. While you’re doing your exercise, you will likely not be able to breathe freely; however, you will take breaks in which you can catch your breath. The key is to not let your heart rate drop below a certain threshold. You will gain the muscle-building effects of anaerobic exercise as well as the stamina-building and fat-burning effects of aerobic exercise. You should work with a coach who can help you determine exactly which heart rate you should be aiming for.

Boxing for a HIIT workout

Boxing is great for interval training because you can do it indoors. It’s not something that requires you to brave the icy winter; therefore, the danger is much lower. The danger of running or cycling through the winter is complicated by the presence of slippery patches of ice beside the roads. Also, it’s just plain uncomfortable to be out in the brutal cold weather. Boxing will provide you with the means to combine short bursts of effort with periods of rest, and you can do it all from a climate-controlled boxing gym.

HIIT has been proven by many exercise physiologists to be effective at burning fat and boosting stamina. It’s so effective that you can work out for shorter amounts of time each day while still getting the calorie-burning effects. Boxing or “Boxercise” is not only a great HIIT workout with performance benefits for athletes but will improve the health of recreational exercisers as well. It is aerobic & anaerobic. In fact, the average Boxercise class at Centre Ring will burn 1,000 calories. That’s two double cheeseburgers in one hour. You should try it out. You will relieve stress, get lean, get happy, get healthy and confident in no time at all!